Everyone relies on the internet for … well … everything—from finding hot dates to finding the perfect employee. We use the internet to see what we can learn before we meet someone or buy something new. Consumers have more options than ever, thanks to the ease of finding information online. Additionally, brands and businesses get more exposure than ever thanks to social media platforms.

As a business owner, you have the power to shape what people think about your brand online. If you are not producing amazing content or if you are not producing content at all, basically, you don’t exist.

Following are five of the most common ways to use social media to build an audience around your brand.

Relationship building

The greatest benefit of social media marketing is the ability to build relationships with your customers, influencers, peers, and many more. If you are creating amazing content that is shareable and are engaging your followers, the more likely they are to express their appreciation, thoughts, and opinions.

Brand building

Social media conversations are the perfect way to raise brand awareness and develop brand loyalty. Remember, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.


You can create exclusive discounts and opportunities for your audience to make them feel valued and special. Online promotions can also help you meet short-term financial goals. Try not to use your promotions very often, and not at all when you are starting out.

Market research

You can use the social media platforms to learn more about your customers, find your niche audience, learn about your customers’ wants and needs, and learn about your competitors.


Create content that captivates your audience. Telling stories is the best way to do just that! Tell a story that informs, instills values, entertains, and inspires. In this new “information” age, your ability to share your ideas with emotion, context, and relevance will make your business more valuable to consumers.

Remember, you need to first build relationships and an audience on your social media platforms before you can have any expectations of positive, short-term promotional results. If you are persistent, your online success will grow organically over time, but remember, social media marketing is rooted in relationships! Find your audience and give them a reason to want to follow you again and again!

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