Our clients LOVE testimonial videos. Who wouldn’t? With testimonial videos, your customers are selling your products and services for you. How great is that!

You, too, can promote your business with testimonial videos from your customers. To help you get the best video possible, we offer these five tips:

  • Pick your interviewees wisely – These customers are going to speak about your company. Make sure they speak well, present themselves well, and have ENERGY.
  • Provide interviewees with a topic to discuss – Keep your interviewees focused by giving them something specific to talk about. Perhaps one person focuses on your quick delivery, another on your solution to a particular problem, and another on the quality of your products. Mix it up. Make it interesting.
  • Video likes color! – You don’t want your customers to fade into the background or look washed out on your testimonial video, so be sure they avoid wearing all black or all white. Black and white don’t work well on camera. Other solid colors, however, are perfect. Patterns are OK, but not too “loud.” We don’t want the pattern to be distracting. We want viewers focused on what your customers have to say, not what they’re wearing.
  • Video doesn’t like numbers! – BIG SNORE! Numbers don’t translate well on video. Save them for your fact sheet. Instead, we want to get to the heart of things. We want to know how your customers feel about your products and services and about working with you.
  • RELAX! – Many people get the shakes when they think about being on camera. When a video interview is done right, however, it becomes nothing more than a conversation between an interviewer and interviewee. It’s simply a question and answer session, and the interviewee naturally knows all the answers. No need to memorize anything.

Here’s a sample of a video we produced for our client Global Prep Squad. Our interviewees were given an outline prior to the shoot and knew what to expect. See how comfortable they are … PIECE OF CAKE!

Relax! It’s just a simple Q and A … recorded on video.

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