Question 1: Do you watch videos on social media?

Question 2: Do you ever watch videos on social media without the audio?

According to Digiday, 85% of Facebook videos are seen, but not heard. That’s just how it is with social media. Sometimes it’s just too “noisy” to add sound.

So, when we add video to our social media sites, we need to make sure that our videos keep our viewers’ attention … even without sound. We need to think of sound as an added bonus, regardless of whether the audio is a narration or music. I’m not saying that audio isn’t important—because it is—but for quick, social media videos, it’s all about the visual element to capture a click. 

Tips for a visually compelling video:

  • Lighting for video – When people are speaking, make sure their faces have the right amount of lighting. Remember NOT to shoot them in front of a window; otherwise, all you will see is a silhouette.
  • Add captions to video – To ensure people get your message even when the audio is off, add captions along the bottom of the screen.
  • Before-and-after videos – Before-and-after videos tell a clear story even without sound … and they get a LOT of attention.
  • Capture a candid moment on video – From surprising someone with the reveal of a newly renovated kitchen to capturing a reunion of friends after decades apart, moments like these need no sound.
  • Kids or pets are always crowd-pleasers – Shoot videos of a pet doing a trick or a kid showing off a new skill. Viewers engage with these more than other videos. No sound required.

Don’t know where to start with social media videos? Don’t worry. We do. Schedule a free consultation with Creative Spark so we can get your company noticed without even making a sound.

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